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About Mushrooms

White Buttons


Botanical Name: Agaricus Biporus
Common Name: Champignons

Buttons are the youngest and generally (but not always) the smallest. The name refers to their shape and stage of growth, not the size. The cap of the button mushroom is always tightly closed around the stem. They have a firm, delicate texture and mild flavor that intensifies when cooked.

Perfect for : Pizza, Pan fry, Salad, Pasta, Raw



Botanical Name: Agaricus Biporus
Common Name: Portobello Mushrooms

Essentially a Swiss Brown left longer to grow so it opens out flat, exposing dark, fragrant gills Dense, firm, meaty texture. Deep, rich flavour. Portabella make tasty burger or toasted sandwich filling. Filled with a savoury filling or simply grilled, roasted or barbecued.

Perfect for : Grill, BBQ, Sauce, Burger

Swiss Brown 

Botanical Name: Agaricus Biporus
Common Name:  Cremini, Brown, Roman, Italian

Swiss Brown mushrooms are closely related to white agaricus. Similar in shape and size. Tan to dark brown colour. A firmer texture than button mushrooms, with less moisture content, so they hold their shape well when cooked. Flavor is deeper and earthier than white mushrooms.

Perfect for : Sauce, Pasta, Slow Cook, Ok Raw

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